Today   - by Sergio Bena

While the worldwide financial crisis has affected certain countries more than others, it can be said that for certain it has had an effect on all of us, more or less.Even the people that have not been affected that hard themselves, contribute willingly to the vicious circle by perhaps not spending their money, prophetising misery and complaining about what a shitty place this world has become.
This all needs to change.

YOU should be the only one that decides how and where your path should lead you. Things that happened in the past are of no importance, since there really is nothing you can do anymore to change anything that has already occurred. Whatever the future brings, is not only beyond anyones perception and therefore of a lesser importance as well, the future is also not a fixed notion. Things can change. And change starts today, not tomorrow. Today is key. The here and now. Today is where you can make a difference. By planting your seeds today, automatically you are changing your future.

Food supplement companies these days need to be aware of that. Having a good reputation is nice, though the 'here-and-now' is where they need to prove themselves as well. Promises for good results of your hard workouts in the future only pay out once your goals have actually been met. And you can only reach your goals if you are inspired  to start your challenge -today-.Inspiration is what todays nutrition companies need to focus on. With sports, as in life, if you are not inspired and motivated to change then really nothing will happen in the future as well. 

If you are inspired, and  have set your goals right, only today stands in between yesterday and  your own set of goals. Today you can decide that nobody can bring you down and set you off course anymore. No matter how miserable and demotivating they are trying to be.

YOU bring change, and TODAY is when you follow through.

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