Vote!  - by Sergio Bena

When I grew up I belonged to the happy few that could spend kindergarten at a school where a big dragon lived in the surrounding bushes. That dragon had to be fed daily, and this noble task belonged to me and my best friend. Fortunately for us that dragon fed with carefully decorated sand pies, sculpted by hand, preferably during recess...

With the passing of my days in kindergarten, the dragons sadly went extinct as well. A few decades have past since, and in the present day a whole different creature realms the places where we currently spend our free time. This creature is referred to as 'The Animal'. This Animal unfortunately doesn't do that well on pies of sand. It forages for protein and vitamins, and can be found in any local gym.

Most proteins and vitamin blends are designed to optimally nourish the Animals in gyms worldwide. But now we encounter a problem: in some European countries vitamin blends are regulated so thoroughly that it becomes next to impossible to get the Animals their desired vitamin dosages….   

This all gets decided in Brussels where the head of the European Community resides. Men in white lab coats whisper bad things into the ears of politicians so that some Animals even today still do not have the free choice how many vitamins they want to pump into their systems. A simple multi-vitamin may be available to the Animal in one country, yet in a neighboring country it could very well be strictly illegal. What is with this? Are not all Animals created equal ? Or to quote George Orwell's 'Animal Farm':  "Lab coat gooooooooood,…… Tank Top  baaaaaaaaaaaad" ? 

We are all equal, only some are more equal than others. It all depends on the men in white lab coats. They would rather sell you some vitamins at ridiculous high pricing in their own "Lab Coats R' Us"  franchise. Top shelf, right next to the other pharmaceuticals that bring the lab coats money. A regulated monopoly at the cost of the hard working Animal. No need for any free market economy here. Now is there nothing that the Animal can do to stop the lab coats from achieving their heinous goals ? Yes..  the Animal gets this rare chance once every few years. It is called: voting.

Every few years the Animal tends to vote for their favorite politician. Maybe next time it would not be a bad idea to ask this politician first about his or her position on the regulations of food supplements. If you happened to be an Animal, wouldn't you rather decide for yourself what type of supplements you have access to, and whether you are limited to worthless restricted daily dosages of vitamin C or not ? Or perhaps you belong to the pack of Animals that happen to love a limited choice at a nicely regulated outrageous price as well?

Try to remember this when your next election day comes....

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